Looking to help us pass the bond issue this August?

We were so close in May everyone...  The Citizens of Logan Elm we will be having a meeting June 18th at 4PM in McDowell to amass supporters to help us get over the hump in August.   If you are interested in helping us get this passed in August please try and make the meeting.

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Busing Schedule Times

The District has the finalized busing schedule for the single campus solution with a successful May bond issue.  The transportation department spent the past couple months calculating all the new routes and times for everyone.   It's way too large to post online but if you are curious on how the new schools will affect your child's bus travel times give  Chuck Arledge a call at (740) 474-7503.


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Full Video of Campaign Kickoff

As promised, here is the full video of last weeks Campaign Kickoff presentation.   Lots of great   If this doesn't motivate you to go out and vote, nothing will.  Stay tuned for more testimonials coming in the next couple weeks.

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Rod's Campaign Kickoff Speech

If you missed last week's Logan Elm Campaign Kickoff meeting last week, we've uploaded Rod's impassioned concluding speech for you. The full presentation will be up here soon as well as on CGTV throughout the month of April.  Spread the message and make sure you vote early and make sure your friends and family vote as well.

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May Campaign Kickoff Presentation

We will be having a May Campaign Kickoff Presentation this Tuesday, April 1st at McDowell Auditorium at 7PM. 

The presentation will be covering informational topics related to the May Bond Issue.


  • Opening-Tim Williams
  • Presentations
    • Elford (Rising construction costs)
    • Sheriff’s Department (School safety)
    • Auditor’s office (Bond taxes)
    • Student’s Perspective
  • Closing-Rod Smith- Building conditions



Come to hear the speakers and get your It's Our Time signs for our 5 Week push to a successful May 6th.

Let's finish what we started everyone!

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Final Coach's Corner

As we approach the finish line for the amazing effort our community has made these past couple months, Rod wraps up Coach's Corner talking about why Logan Elm is so special and worth voting YES for tomorrow.

Take a knee for the last time everyone...

It's been an honor everyone.  Thank you for all your hard work and time.   Let's make our children and their future children proud of what we've done tomorrow.  

We are Brave Nation...

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Tim's Letter to the Editor

With only a couple days left in the campaign, Tim answers a number of questions in his final Letter to the Editor.  Never been a better reason to vote YES for our future.   


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Pickaway County Chamber of Commerce unanimously approves supporting the Logan Elm Local School District levy

Great  column to the Herald from Amy Elsea, President of Pickaway County Chamber of Commerce in Brave Words today.  

Go Brave Nation!

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Jeremy's turn with his thoughts

Not to be outdone by Rod,  Jeremy adds his thoughts to our Brave Words section.  A good read everyone.   If you want to add your reasons why you are voting yes, email us at lebondlevy@gmail.com or stop by our Facebook page and leave a post.  We'd love to hear from you.



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Rod's Letter in Today's Herald

Great letter from our own Rod Smith in the Herald today.   Read it here.

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